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Safeguarding Your Business & Personnel With Our Keyholding & Rapid Response Service

Keyholders to your site are in a position of major responsibility. They have to respond when the alarm goes off at all hours, not knowing what they may find. There are often false alarms but what about the time when it isn’t? Quite frightening.

Here at Security Guarding Company, our rapid response team are highly trained, SIA licensed and accredited to deal with all eventualities. It is easy to see why so many businesses in the UK and beyond are choosing to outsource their keyholding requirements to Security Guarding Company. The trust in & reliability of a long-standing, trusted local security company in the UK, serving local communities is also seeing a growth in private clients asking us to hold keys & respond to alarms activated at their homes while away on holiday or at work.

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All our UK security officers have extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with alarm activations and our mobile alarm responder officers work closely with our control room to deal with any disturbances.

Having arrived at your premises, an initial visual assessment is undertaken before thorough external and then internal patrols are carried out. While at the scene, our officers liaise with the emergency services and key stakeholders as and when necessary.

Knowing that you don’t have to respond to an alarm activation on your own and at all hours is so reassuring and yet, you have complete peace of mind that your business, premises. property, staff and even family are being looked after by a professional and trustworthy security company, 365 days of the year - 24/7. Ready to respond to all threats posed by burglars & intruders across the UK & beyond.

Burglar and Intruder Response Services in across the UK

Security Guarding Company Keyholding & Alarm Response Services

  • Fast Response Minimises Disruption, Damage & Loss
  • Ensure Peace Of Mind With Our 24/7 Service.
  • We Save Time As We Have Your Keys
  • Reduce The Risk To Your Property & Belongings
  • All Our Security Officers Are SIA Licensed
  • Insurance Compliant Detailed Incident Reports

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